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Emergency Auto Glass Repair: What to Do When Your Car Window Breaks | Advanced Auto Glass


Advanced Auto Glass by Joey

Emergency Auto Glass Repair: What to Do When Your Car Window Breaks | Advanced Auto Glass

At Advanced Auto Glass by Joey, we understand how stressful and inconvenient it can be when your car window breaks. Whether it’s from an accident, vandalism, or an unexpected incident, knowing the steps to take immediately can help you manage the situation effectively and ensure your vehicle is secure and ready for repair. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to do when your car window breaks.


According to Mississippi Code Title 63, Section 63-7-59, a vehicle must be in safe operating condition to be driven legally. While this section does not explicitly mention broken windows, the general requirement for vehicles to be in safe operating condition implies that significant damage, such as a broken window, would not be permissible.

Law enforcement officers in Mississippi have the authority to stop a vehicle if they observe a safety issue, such as a cracked or broken window. This is because a broken window can weaken the structure of the vehicle and pose a safety risk. The moral of the story is that if you have a broken window, get it fixed immediately!


  • ENSURE SAFETY FIRST: The first step is to ensure your safety and that of any passengers. Carefully check for any injuries caused by broken glass and move to a safe location if the car is in a precarious spot. Avoid touching the shattered glass to prevent cuts.

  • ASSESS THE DAMAGE: Inspect the extent of the damage to determine if it's safe to drive. If the window is completely shattered, driving might not be safe or legal, depending on your local laws.

  • CONTACT THE AUTHORITIES: If the window was broken due to a break-in or vandalism, contact the police immediately to file a report. This is crucial for insurance claims and helps in documenting the incident.


  • SECURE THE VEHICLE: To protect your car from further damage or theft, temporarily cover the broken window. You can use a plastic bag, duct tape, or a clear plastic sheet. Here’s how to do it:
  1. Clean Up the Glass: Carefully remove loose glass pieces from the window frame and the car’s interior.
  2. Cover the Window: Use a plastic sheet or garbage bag and secure it with duct tape. Ensure the cover is tight and won’t flap while driving.
  • AVOID DRIVING IF UNSAFE: If the damage is severe, avoid driving the car. Instead, contact a towing service to take your vehicle to a safe location or directly to an auto glass repair shop.


  • SCHEDULE A REPAIR: As soon as possible, contact your auto glass service provider to schedule a repair. Most reputable companies, like Advanced Auto Glass by Joey, offer emergency services to address such situations quickly.

    When contacting your provider, be prepared to give details about the damage, your insurance information, and any police reports if applicable. This helps in expediting the repair process.


  • CHECK YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE: Many car insurance policies cover glass damage. Here are steps to determine if you can claim:
  1. Review Your Policy: Check if your policy includes comprehensive coverage, which typically covers glass damage from incidents like vandalism or accidents.
  2. File a Claim: Contact your insurance company to file a claim. Provide all necessary documentation, including the police report and photos of the damage.
  • IS IT WORTH CLAIMING? Consider the cost of the deductible versus the cost of the repair. If the repair cost is lower than your deductible, it might be more cost-effective to pay out-of-pocket. However, if the damage is extensive, claiming insurance can save you significant expenses.


How do you temporarily cover a broken car window?
Use a plastic sheet or bag secured with duct tape to cover the broken window. This protects the car’s interior and deters theft.

When Should I Contact My Auto Glass Company?
Contact your auto glass company immediately after assessing the damage and ensuring safety. Prompt action helps in securing the vehicle and scheduling a repair.

Is It OK to Drive a Car with a Broken Window?
It depends on the severity of the damage and local laws. Generally, driving with a broken window is not advisable due to safety and security concerns.

Does Insurance Cover My Broken Window and Repairs?
Most comprehensive insurance policies cover broken windows and repairs. Review your policy and contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage and file a claim. Our recent blog, Understanding Insurance Coverage for Windshield Repairs, talks about the general process of insurance claims for auto glass.

Does Insurance Cover a Broken Window from a Break-In?
Comprehensive insurance typically covers damage from break-ins. Contact your provider to confirm and file a claim.

How Do You Fix a Smashed Windshield?
For a smashed windshield, it’s crucial to avoid driving and contact a professional auto glass service immediately. Temporary fixes are not safe for windshields.

What to Do If Your Car Window Gets Broken Into?
Follow the same steps: ensure safety, file a police report, secure the window, contact your auto glass provider, and check your insurance for coverage.

Is It Worth Claiming a Broken Window?
Evaluate the repair cost versus your deductible. If the repair cost is higher, claiming insurance can be beneficial.

By following these steps and understanding your options, you can manage the situation effectively and ensure your vehicle is repaired quickly and safely. For professional and prompt auto glass repair, contact Advanced Auto Glass by Joey today. You can call us directly at 601-286-3405.

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